2016年4月27日 星期三

A Trip to China

The plane ride wasn’t that bad, and when we arrived at the airport, it was pretty nice. I didn’t know how sick of it I would be. I met my grandpa at the exit, where a girl and man handed us overly large bouquets of flowers. We headed over a large white arch in the airport, coming out only to be greeted by plit- plops of rain. Yay... What a nice start… You see, in China, they blocked most of the internet, Google, iCloud, stuff like that. I don’t know how I’ll live. Call me dramatic but that stuff is really important to me. My mom read me, “It’s fine! You have apps!” She exclaimed, trying to reassure me.

Anyways we headed towards a car, hands over our heads trying to block the rain. I leaped in. I regret that. The smell of a mix of medicine, barf and rotten fruit smacked me, and I found a little brown thing that looked extremely suspicious. I almost retched. Not only that but the ENTIRE SEAT was wet with rain, and it was DARK WATER from all the dirt and dust and who knows what.

I rode there for an hour.

We got to the hotel, and I shot out of the car. We went into the room, with the girl. We were great friends by now, and I offered her some candy. But the problem was, I could only speak a word of mandarin and she could only speak a word of English. “在学校你最喜欢的科目是什么?” (What’s your favorite subject in school?) She asked me. “Uhhh…” I muttered out. Then she tried English. “TV solar systems or walnuts?” We can clearly tell she doesn’t know English. “MOM translate!!!” I yelled and my mom came out and said “What’s your favorite subject in school?” She translated my answers and we went back and forth for a while. Soon she had to go and I had nothing to do.

We went out to dinner with our relatives . It was also my least favorite food in a place where I was basically mute. Smoky pots of chicken feet and snake ribs were given to us. Even the hotel people couldn’t speak English. It wasn’t fun at all. And it was the first day out of 10. Great.  I picked up a piece of steaming duck. At  least there’s one thing here that’s nice. We went back to the hotel and flopped on the bed. I opened up my iPad and tried to DO something. Nothing worked. I also brought the wrong book. How wonderful! I roll around in the old, rough bed trying to fall asleep.

Next morning was no good. I loved my grandpa but not the food. Sickly sweet dough balls in bean soup. My mom looks pretty happy though, to my joy. We get into the smelly car again, and I almost barf several times. We went to the place silk was invented!!! I got a silk scarf and wrapped it around me on the dirty bus. “Thanks for sticking around Kimmie,” my mom said with a smile. “It’s been really fun.”

After 7 days of terror, peeing all over myself trying to use a Chinese toilet, which was a hole in the ground where it was, “bring your own toilet paper,” We could go home. Right after today. I’ve never been so thankful. We went to an open mall when my mom says when I was little, I would ride some animal cart things. We wondered if it shut down, but when we entered another section, a little booth with many go-carts covered with stuffed animal “fur.”. I rode a little brown leopard, like when I was a toddler.

2015年6月15日 星期一

I wont post for a long time, and sorry. But this will be my last post.


Jurassic World. Many, dinosaurs.
But can you name em?


I start with an A and end with a Saurus, and I have lots of body armor. Even on my eyebrows!
What am I?


Im easier. I have huge claws and I work in packs. Im like a wolf.
What am I?


We am a group. I have bills that are flat, that I share with your favorite bird. What are us?

A: ankylosaurus
B: velociraptor
C: duckbills


Image result for dog
Do you know dogs?
What about these amazing fast facts?
Q: How many breeds of dogs are there?
A: 340 

Q: What is the smallest breed?
A: Its hard because it really depends on the dog. The smallest breed can grow bigger than the next but it is most likey Chihuahua

And now, our melt your heart more than lasers photo.

Mythical animals.
Yes, this is a realistic blog, but lets go crazy.

Did you know that Swedens national animal is the Unicorn?

And now, cue the animal debate!

Eating meat.
Side 1                                                             Side 2
EAT MEAT                                               Dont eat meat!
Meat is big sorce of protein,
                                                                   There are other sources of protein, like beans and nuts,
and helps our count
                                                             Its unfair to the animals, think about a thing grabbing you
Without meat farms,      
                                                                    and eating you. Its bad for the earth, because raising
many of us will be without
                                                              food takes lots of land. One farm of meat is 4-6 plant farms.
jobs and meat is a large  
                                                               It polutes and most of us use antibodies, which are overused
income. It helps keeping    
                                                                     on meat farms, causing new viruses that can withstand
big businesses that our stock market  
relies on. And it tastes yummy

Animal On!

2015年2月2日 星期一

The Warriors 2


I hear a cry, "PETALFUR IS HAVING KITS!" I rush toward the nursery to see a leopard growling in pain, a lion peering worriedly at her and panther feeling the ripples of her stomach as the kits come out. A pair of baby leopards are pushed out and whine as the panther nip open their sacs to breath, and lick them in the wrong way to warm them. They crawl towards the mother for milk, a beautiful sight. The lion and leopard smile happily but weakly at each other. As I step over the moss beds I decide to hunt for the pair. I slither through the brambles and step into the Jungle Territory. I see an antelope leap from the Savannah Territory into the deep trees of the Jungle. I leap on it silently and silence it. I give a prayer for its life. I bring it back to the nursery, its horns once great and high now limp, with death. I give them the antelope where they too give a prayer of thanks and take bites. I felt lonely, jealous that I didn't have a mate myself. I climb through the Bare Forest Territory and climb the spruce and oak trees gazing lonely at the stars. I hear a growl behind me as a huge rouge, scarred tiger leaps at me. I jump nimbly away and start running. I gasp in fear as he draws closer and rush into the Savannah Territory as he tries to strike again. My bright yellow pelt shines in the moonlight as I cry when he swats my tail hard. I see a large bush full of thickets and leap high over it. My hind paw catches and drops of the scarlet blood drop down like raindrops. But I jump high enough. I know my quickness is no match for his strength but he cant jump or run fast Enoch, He tumbles into the Sharp thorns and growls, giving up the chase. I look forward, realizing I was lost and hungry. I find a small sparrow and try to jump at it, failing. However, a gold line rises on the horizon as the sun rises like a Phoenix.

2014年11月16日 星期日

The Warriors

The Warriors
By Kimberley Ng
1 part 1

I walked out of my den, yawning from sleep. "Hey Redpaw's finally awake!" Said Goldenpaw the leopard.I and Goldenpaw were only apprentices and so was Riverpaw and Grasspaw. We are training to become warriors. We will get our warrior names soon after all our training is done. My mentor was a Jagaur named Spotfur and the leader was a lion named Sunstar. "Come on Ravenpaw, your going on a hhunting patrol." I went along with the patrol, walking along the thick trees and greens of the  forest we live in. "Spread out."Ordered the leader of the patrol. I went into a place where a birch tree had sprung and a herd of deer were there. I sliently climbed up a tree without them knowing and then, rested on a branch, leaped down on a deer. I struggled to keep on her back but luckliy my claws dug in a bit deeper so I could anchor my self. I finally brought her down and whispered a thanks to heaven. I then draged the deer back to the hunting patrol and layed it in the pile. "Good job!" Spotfur prasied me, as we walked back to camp, all of us holding a rather large piece of prey when another hunting patrol came back too. When we put the fresh-kill into our pile at camp everyone plucked out their favorite meal and ate there, very large fill. I was taking out an fish and bit into it, savoring the sweetness, of the salmons last meal.


Hey guys!!! Yes Im back, sorry about the half year delay but Ive been real busy with school. SO SORRY!!!T_T But there is good news! A new series!!!Why you ask? Well I want to it and I have time so the new series is based off the book Warriors and There might be MANY new series so YAY!!!

Heres a review and lastly
(Yeah I didnt forget)

2014年6月7日 星期六

Julie the Wolf 1 part 3

Julie the Wolf 
1 part 3

Julie saw some wolves eating a large elk. They were so into the elk
they didn't notice her. One rolled in happiness and caught a sight of her. 
She growled and the pack looked and saw her. One drew back a snarl 
while the rest had a good scent and look of her. The pack 
 stepped forward and the dominate held up his tail and stop them. 
"What are you doing here?" he asked. Julie stepped forward so they had a
better look. "Licking foxes, can't you figure it out?" 
she said with confident. He started bristling
with anger. He stepped forward and growled deeply, 
"Don't joke with us," and Julie snarled. "Make me."

The dominate lashed his tail and the wolves started to Julie. She
ran, sometimes kicking up some snow in their faces or making 
very sharp and sudden turns around rocks to trick them. Their
anger messed them up to nearly crash into snow piles. After a while of this
they ran faster in frustration and caught up lashing out claws. 
Julie pranced around them running and then cutting though them and 
confusing them. Then Julie got an idea and barked loudly and ran though 
some shadows very quickly, bolting out of nowhere to make it seem
it was an ambush with many wolves. The wolves seem scared and
crazed, blindly clawing the air. Finally the wolves leaped away and broke 
into a run not looking back. Julie let out a woof of laughter 
and humor and saw the sun going down.

As Julie looker for shelter a fox ran though the bushes and 
Julie only saw the movement. The fox lashed a patch of grass hidden 
in the shadows and Julie backed up and tucked
her tail between her legs. The fox shook a branch lightly still hidden. 
Julie let out a whimper and backed up into a wall of stone. The fox let out a 
deep growl that sounded like a strong wolf rather then a small 
fox. Julie bowed her head and dug a little bit to hide in. It turned 
dark for the sun just went down and the fox stepped out so
only the shape of it stood. Julie whimpered and suddenly
snarled leaping on the fox. The fox yelped and wiggled out 
fleeing. Julie growled at herself for being so easily
tricked and found some moss and lay on it. Tired in the
shelter of under a cliff and quickly fell asleep.

2014年5月25日 星期日

News on blog

Julie the wolf  is my new story and I got hurt when horse ridding, heres some tips what to do.

: When a horse goes into a sharp thorn bush duck your head low and keep your arms in no matter what.
:If your horse starts quickly walking around in circles not following your orders and being crazy grab the saddle horn which is your back up brake. If it donsent work your dead, just kidding use your normal brake which WILL stop it. If that donsent work and it will, hold on your best and try to stop your horse.

Please note that Julie the wolf is somewhat reaslitic or is very very lucky because woplves often suffer much much more.

I wouldn't quit in a while and if you guys realiz I have been way more mature with my posts like the debate
on puppy mills even though you probarly would pick no more puppy mills.

Also vote on if I should continan with the story of Ivy, for its not real and I would like to work on Julie.
Also if you didnt  figure out what moons means it means months and I will work on a list and edit or repost it for wolf talk.

Bye and Animal On  :) !